Built Firmly on the Hope of a Risen Lord.


God continues to pour out His blessings upon Holy Trinity. We have seen God work in many lives as people are growing in love with God and with our neighbors. The primary calling of Holy Trinity is to be a people who encounter and share the Holy Trinity in worship, community and mission. 

Our new building is finally completed! Please come worship with us for our first Sunday, March 6th, at 10:00 a.m. for worship at our new address: 432 Bozeman Road in Madison, Mississippi.


Sacred Words

As a part of this special groundbreaking event, our parish family took time to write scriptures, prayers, and memories on the internal walls of the church building.  These words, though soon to be covered, will forever inhabit the fabric of our building and will provide future generations with the knowledge that they have been loved and prayed for.