Holy Trinity is committed to the Great Commandment …MAKE DISCIPLES. “The disciple is one who, intent upon becoming Christ-like and so dwelling in his “faith and practice”, systematically and progressively rearranges his affairs to that end.” (Dallas Willard) This is the essence of what we want to be as a community. We want to grow together as a band of disciples. Holy Trinity includes Sunday School, Life Groups, Bible Studies and Call to Discipleship as means to becoming a community of disciples.

Children's Ministry

A vibrant ministry devoted to exposing the youngest of us to the Love of Jesus is a central part of Holy Trinity. Teaching, interacting with older church family members, and spiritual growth in grace are at the core of our Children's Ministry.

Life Groups

A core value for us here at Holy Trinity is to grow in deep relationship with God and each other. We gather in homes with 6-10 other believers, which we call LIFE GROUPS, so that we can connect, grow, and serve together. Life Groups is more than a name, as we believe that God has called us to “do life together.”

During our discussions, we seek to understand and apply the truth of God’s Word, share our lives with each other, encourage relationships, and lift one another up in prayer. Life Groups seek to find ways to do mission together during times of need and serve one another, neighbors, and friends as we have opportunity.

Contact our office to find out more information on joining a Life Group!

Bible Studies

The goal of all our Bible Studies is to progressively rearrange our affairs, in submission to the Scripture, so that we become more and more like Christ. Bible Studies are topical and short-term studies that seek to apply Scriptural answers to life’s tough questions.

Contact our office to find out more information on joining a Bible Study Group!

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